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You’re What You Eat: Your Healthy Lifestyle Guide (Revised Edition)

Product Description:

ISBN : 9789674153977 

Format: Paperback 

Author: Chia Joo Suan

Published Date: September 2017

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If you have enjoyed Chia Joo Suan’s WHAT’S IN YOUR FOOD? and EAT WELL, LIVE WELL, the healthy lifestyle guides that tell you what you need to know about food ingredients, additives, toxins and nutrients, you are in for another delicious treat. In YOU’RE WHAT YOU EAT, Chia tells you what you never knew about your food. By showing both the health benefits and the possible negative effects of foods, she tells you what you need to know about the additives used in improving the palatability of processed foods, compared to traditional manufacturing practices. Learn about the health effects of additives, beneficial nutrients and the safe handling of processed and cooked foods. She advocates the consumption of tropical and subtropical fruits, vegetables, seafood, beans and nuts. With special emphasis on their valuable nutrients and antinutrients, she highlights their health benefits, their interactions with other foods or medication and debunks or supports traditional beliefs. Chia Joo Suan is a food chemist who advocates safe eating habits for a healthy life.

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