The Organic Pantry

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ISBN : 9789674154448 

Format: Paperback 

Author: Loke Siew Fong

Published Date: October 2017

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THE ORGANIC PANTRY shows how one can gradually transition towards a plant-based and eventually an organic diet, and do it in style, making a difference not just in ourselves but also in the environment. Various recipes featuring organic ingredients are featured for all occasions, with tips for tweaking those recipes to your preferences. It also shares the basics of organic and GM foods, which includes the history of the organic food industry and certification in Malaysia; which cooking methods and utensils to use; how to read food labels; and the reasons for going organic—all the information you will need to start your own organic pantry and your journey towards a healthier, eco-friendlier lifestyle. 

The author, LOKE SIEW FOONG, has adopted a plant-based diet for more than two decades and swears by its benefits. She strongly believes a person is what he or she eats, and good food helps to heal both the body and mind. When she began to explore organic food, she started with small changes at home and gradually switching most of her food ingredients to organic produce.

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