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Masterclass Kitchens: New Indian Kitchen (Revised Edition)

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ISBN : 9789674154370 

Format: Paperback 

Author: Sapna Anand

Published Date: October 2017

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Indian cuisine owes part of its unique character to the people who dropped by the lush, exotic subcontinent over the centuries, including the Portugese, the British and the Moghuls. Born and raised in Goa, cooking instructor Sapna Anand ended up going places, much like the traders and colonists that left their mark on her homeland. Her travels and experiences changed the way she saw and cooked the food she grew up with and encountered on her journeys. 

Sapna’s New Indian Kitchen features a variety of dishes that are primarily from the Indian regions of Kerala, Goa, and northern India. Each recipe is a milestone in her life’s journey, vividly coloured and flavoured by the dishes, sweets and snacks made by family, friends, and neighbours. Alongside such traditional and familiar fare as chicken biryani, raita and kebabs are edamame upma, achari chicken tart and keema lasagna, among others - examples of how she uses the cooking techniques she picked up to breathe new life into the time-tested flavours of her homeland.

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