Lost Recipes of Malaysia (Revised Edition)

Product Description:

ISBN : 9789674155162 

Format: Paperback 

Authors: Hellen Fong, Goo Chui Hoong, Khairil Anwar, Ezekiel Ananthan & Mohd Shokri

Published Date: July 2019

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Second prize winner of Best Historical Recipes Book (2015) for Gourmand Awards.

Much has been said of Malaysia’s culinary diversity. But beyond the more popular char kway teow, roti canai and nasi lemak are dishes that our forefathers used to make and enjoy, at an era when life was less hectic, people were much closer to nature and made the most of what they grew or reared in their backyards.

In the rush towards modernity, memories of simple schoolyard snacks such as asam boi popsicles and skewered sengkuang slices, as well as elaborate dishes such as rendang tok and the less-heard-of banana-stem paratal, are slowly but surely fading away.

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