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Kirana: Dreams After The Rose

Product Description:

ISBN : 9789674154059 

Format: Paperback 

Author: Ninotaziz

Published Date: March 2017

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KIRANA: DREAMS AFTER THE ROSE is the story of Kirana, a teenage artist who finds fame after she loses her father in a plane crash. Soon after, her mother succumbs to cancer and Kirana’s life is in limbo. She stops painting and soon loses interest in life. 

One night, Kirana wakes up and notices beautiful roses by her bedside. She then sees a painting in her room. A painting of a door. Upon touching it, Kirana is transported to Melaka 500 years ago. There, she meets Tun Fatimah and Sultan Mahmud Shah during the last days of Melaka, before the Portuguese attack. She develops feelings for the hero, Hang Nadim, feelings that she denies.

But was it all really a dream? She is convinced it is so.

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