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Kayu of Manis Valley

Product Description:

ISBN : 9789674154875 

Format: Paperback 

Author: Heidi Shamsuddin 

Illustrated by Lim Lay Koon
Published Date: July 2018

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Kayu, a young crocodile, is adopted by a family of spectacled leaf monkeys in Manis Valley on Langkawi Island. To remain in the valley and preserve the peace, he observes the Sacred Laws of the Jungle and learns to move through the valley unseen, hiding from the humans who have moved in when part of the rainforest is transformed into a holiday resort. 

One day, while observing the holidaymakers at the resort, Kayu overhears an evil plan and finds himself in a difficult situation: should he obey the Sacred Laws and not interfere with the affairs of humans, or should he save the life of a little girl? 

Kayu of Manis Valley is a delightful little tale written by award-winning children book’s author HEIDI SHAMSUDDIN, who’s known for the Malaysian children book series The Door Under the Stairs, and is illustrated by children book’s illustrator, LIM LAY KOON (The Sisters Lim). Follow HEIDI SHAMSUDDIN at http://heidishamsuddin.com/my-books/  and LIM LAY KOON at The Sisters Lim https://www.thesisterslim.com/about.html for more fascinating Malaysian children literature.

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