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HerSTORY: Tales of Teen Girl Troubles and Triumphs

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ISBN : 9789674155483 

Format: Paperback 

Author: Raudah Yunus, Eva Mahirah Zulkifli, Dayyinah Radzi & Amirah Dayana Azlan

Published Date: July 2020

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Comprising 12 short stories, HerSTORY explores real-life issues involving teenaged girls, from personal image and relationships with family and friends to dealing with parental separation and the perils of social media.

Messy menses at school become a terrifying experience until an encounter with a kindred spirit. An epiphany dawns when an obsession with looks wanes; illusions about a secret admirer bring a teen crashing down to reality; and an online chat leads to a blind date and the edge of disaster.

A yearning for a boyfriend leads to a realisation about the pros of being unattached; and read about how circumstances ended a dream of higher education, leading to depression and, later, hope. And who would guess that lessons on how to be better person can be found in a make-up tutorial?

All this and more makes HerSTORY a steady companion for every girl going through the universal but challenging process of growing up.

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