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Finding Myself: The Adventures of an American in Malaysia

Product Description:

ISBN : 9789674153359 

Format: Paperback 

Author: Walter T. Yurt

Published Date: February 2016

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Walter T. Yurt is an American who moved to Malaysia to teach English after years of working in corporate America for such companies as Ford and JP Morgan Chase. Arriving in Kuala Lumpur in 2008, he fulfilled a lifelong dream of becoming a teacher, while inadvertently falling in love with a nation and its people. The past seven years and counting have been a non-stop adventure, as he has witnessed and experienced things he never dreamt of seeing or doing. More importantly, he has met some of the nicest Malaysian people who, from total strangers to his closest Malaysian friends, have enveloped him with their love and care and have sustained him in his ‘brave, new world’ in Southeast Asia. Within his first full-length book, Finding Myself: The Adventures of An American in Malaysia, are the stories of his adventures in this adopted nation.

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