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Born in Malaysia: A Photographer’s Journey

Product Description:

ISBN : 9789674153953 

Format: Paperback 

Author: Kenny Loh

Published Date: December 2016

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In 2010, Kenny Loh returned to Malaysia after almost two decades abroad and found that so much had changed. Everything was different and new. With camera and notebook in hand, he set out to rediscover the land of his birth. 

Born in Malaysia is the result of this three-year journey. This book is a portrait of a Malaysia in transition; many of the traditional businesses and crafts that once drove the local economy have entered their twilight years. It celebrates the individuals from all walks of life who have played their parts in building this nation. 

Born in Malaysia also looks at Malaysians who were born after Independence. Their stories are an important counterpoint to those of their elders as they provide a view of the future. 

In his preface, Kenny writes of the many people he met and photographed, not all of whom are in this book but nevertheless left a lasting impression on him: “Like me, they were all born in Malaysia. And they are the keepers of our heritage.” 

This book is a tribute to them and everyone who is Malaysian, not just by birth but also in spirit.

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