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Being Happy In Tough Times

Product Description:

ISBN : 9789674154851

Format: Paperback 

Author: Ng Siew Yen

Published Date: July 2018

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Most of us would like our lives to be smooth and free of obstacles, but that isn’t often the case. Fear not, as these challenges can potentially strengthen us. This book is the follow-up to Ng Siew
Yen’s first book, Be Happy Now. While the first book is about not waiting for the past or future to be happy, the message of Being Happy in Tough Times is that it is still possible to find joy in times of adversity. Being happy is not about ignoring our challenges or emotions but to understand that we can choose how we respond to them. Personal stories and other examples highlight insights on how to accept and learn from challenges in life and how we can stay optimistic and continue to move forward without losing our joy.

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