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A Children’s History of Malaysia

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ISBN : 9789674155209 

Format: Paperback 

Author: Tunku Halim

Published Date: August 2019

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Three handsome young men seemed to be gliding down the hillside, a strange light shining around them. They were dressed like kings with jewel-studded golden crowns. 

“We are princes,” said one of the men. “We are descendants of Alexander the Great, conqueror of Greece, Persia and Egypt. Take us to your ruler.” 

Thus begins the history of Malaysia, according to acclaimed author Tunku Halim.

First published in 2003, A Children’s History of Malaysia is the dramatised retelling of Malaysia’s history specifically for young readers. It answers these questions and more:

• Who founded the Melaka empire?
• How did Francis Light get hold of Penang?
• Why did Singapore have its own sultan?
• Who were the White Rajahs?
• Who were the Ghee Hin and Hai San?
• Why is Brunei not part of Malaysia?
• What is the lost kingdom of Riau-Johor?
• How was Barisan Nasional defeated after 61 years in power?

In this new edition, see how the wonders, intrigues, romance and conflicts of Malaysia’s past are brought to life and gain a new appreciation for the country’s fascinating history.

For ages 10 and upwards

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